Ceci Lombardi . Alaska 6 . 21st September 2012

Alaska 6 will showcase Ceci Lombardi's latest paintings, illustrating her journey through Alaska.

In the atmosphere of the studio space, drawings, sketches and notebooks documenting Alaska will be presented.

In regards to the actual paintings, it seems possible to liken the subject matter to ‘growths’ or ‘appearances’ rather than actual solid ‘things’.

Objects and figures seem to surface from the washes and drips of paint, only to remain in an uncertain state of corporality. Are the things that we are looking at really there, or are they mere echoes?

Thanks to the visitation from these materially inconsistent places, one begins to notice how the paint itself conspires in the creation of these beings, mixing delicately to flesh out their existence.

Ceci’s approach to painting places her in a liminal space between figuration and abstraction. On these vast porous surfaces, made with numerous washes of paint, objects appear and are further conjured towards physicality by the artist. In this painterly space, objects, memories, ghostly figures, dreams, and ethereal organisms can all live out their temporary existence, to later on, once again, deliquesce into abstraction.

If one wants to talk about the work in terms of narrative and prose, one can compare the work to poetry. Ideas are summoned, brought forth; some are etched out to their full weight and beauty, while others are briefly noted, discarded and blurred.
Whatever the outcome, all these poetic/literary/narrative actions are left in the paintings, attesting to the constant dialogue between the artist and the incessant miasmas of subjectivity.